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Friday, February 16, 2007

Where I am now

Training has stuttered somewhat for me with a week out to do a trade fair. I never realised how hard it was going to be to suddenly stop training. My back ached. I woke up one morning barely able to turn my neck. Since then, standing all day in a trade stand has given way to standing all day packing the orders - and my poor old body DOES NOT LIKE IT! All sorts of bits of me are twanging and pinging on a daily (hourly!) basis. I haven't had time to go shopping since we came back from the show, so I'm trying hard to eat properly but not succeeding as well as I ought.
Of course, being me, I haven't eased myself gradually back into training, but carried on exactly where I left off, with almost grim determination that with less than 7 weeks to go I don't let myself down at this late stage. But I feel leaden, heavy-bodied, with no spring at all. My right toe joint is killing me. My left heel is also killing me (must ring Delme - our miracle working physio) And this time next weekend we are travelling up to walk the whole route over 2 days. Which is no mean feat by itself.
Wish me luck. I'm going to try and do a walk of a decent length this weekend - get my confidence back, stretch my legs and get out into those hills and refresh my head.

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