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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

margam to afan argoed and back - 20 miles

At 6 am on Sunday, I listened to the gale force wind hurling hail stones at the window, rang Dawn and said that I wasn't happy about revisiting the Black Mountains today. After a brief struggle with the option of returning to bed, we decided to try and do the margam-afan-margam walk that we'd aborted a couple of times before.
it's horribly badly signposted, and it's all on hard track which leaves your joints sore and stiff, but we did it, and with time to have a cuppa in the cafe at Afan Argoed - we were back at the car by 4.15pm!
We would both be pleased not to visit that walk again for quite a long time. Now that we've elevated our sights to mountain walks, it's hard to settle for these anonymous tracks fenced by trees that all look the same.
Low point of the walk - being overtaken going uphill by a man in wellies and a check shirt. I thought Dawn was going to stab him with one of her poles.
High point - navigating ourselves succesfully back on track using the map and compass, and getting back well within daylight. Oh, and not going back to bed, of course. And my home made carrot cake in the car at the end!

Awoke Monday feeling fine again, bit stiff around the hips, but I expected that due to the hard surface. I seem to have so much energy after doing these really long walks. My whole body feels renewed!
Looking forward to a long walk on Saturday...

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