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Monday, March 05, 2007

Disastrous training Day

Yesterday did not go well at all.

Sue has been poorly with a migraine for 3 days so Captain K decided we would be better off doing some sand dune training at Merthyr Mawr rather than going to Brecon as originally planned. The weather was awful but hey, we are used to that!

Karen was brilliant, powering up the dunes, while Paula and I struggled. Paula has had a horrible cold all week, affecting her energy levels and breathing, and I was simply exhausted, having not had a full nights sleep in over a week. Sleep is something I can have problems with, (I come from a long line of insomniacs), but recently it has got pretty bad. Add to that I had done an hour and a half of sand dunes the previous day, my legs simply felt like lead and my lungs weren’t much better.
After 45 mins Karen said we should call it a day as we risk injuring ourselves. We hate not finishing what we have started, but I for one know I didn’t have much more in me to give. Got back to the team bus and I burst into tears and cried for a good 20 minutes. Not good - and a sure sign of needing some quality sleep.

The girls were great and decided this was a Starbucks emergency and took me racing to the nearest one for a Cappuccino and some lunch. They then took me to their house and told me to go and have a sleep. It was the best quality sleep I’ve had in ages.

So, as well as March being an alcohol free zone, I’m going to have to reduce my caffeine intake ( No more Strbucks!!!) to see if that makes a difference, and also try not to be full pelt on the go all day and evening long, making relaxing difficult. This is however easier said than done.

But, that’s it, there is no use dwelling on one bad day when we have had so many good ones. At least the team know what my ‘hitting the wall’ is likely to look like. It’s time to turn the frown up-side-down and focus on next weekend. Hopefully I will get into a better sleeping pattern.

Get well soon Paula and Sue!!!

Oh and as you can see, this isn’t a walk in the park for any of us. And the reason we are doing it is to raise money for Macmillan Nurses. Please donate to our fund today; you will be making a huge difference to someone’s life.

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